QIS(Queer In SNU; /kyuiz/) is a club for sexual minorities in Seoul National University. It began as an activists group for human rights, Maum001, kept changing its name as Maum003 - Maum006 - Maum005 along with the change in circumstances of the university and the society, and newly set its goal and direction in 2004, becoming what it is called today.

QIS aims to function as a space for people feeling discomfort in the society where cisgenderism and heterosexuality are coerced, so that they can gather together and share experiences and everyday lives with one another. It is primarily for the lives filled with more joy and freedom, and further for the potential embedded in the shared experiences and words. People of not only different gender identities and sexual orientations but also of different ages and studies are present in QIS.

QIS periodically issues an independent university magazine Queer, Fly and holds seminars for people who newly joined the club every semester. Apart from these, QIS runs various activities in the university such as exhibitions or campaigns, and helps club members to hold academic seminars or group activities for shared hobbies and interests themselves. QIS constantly delivers its voice to public issues, and is actively participating in the joint movement with queer clubs in other universities.

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Brief history of QIS (Further informaition is provided in 'Download' section.)




QIS(Queer in SNU, /kyuiz/), a club for sexual minorities in SNU, began with the name of Maum001 in April 1995. ‘001’ reflects the circumstance of human rights in those days.



Maum006, which was still in the state of student group until 1998, was officially approved as a provisionally-registered club via Gwan-ak Club Federation. After the period of provisional registration, Maum006 became an official university club in 1999.


Change in Name

In 2004, the club changed its name into QIS(Queer in SNU). It has two meanings. First, it aimed to reflect the trend of those days which put emphasis on difference, not sameness. Second, it wished to include into its role such things as activities within the university and to function as a shelter.



QIS held its 1st Queer Film Festival along with its formation in May 1995 and maintained it until 2005, holding ten Festivals in total. In 2006, QIS issued its own magazine Queer, Fly under the title of ‘View’. In 2007, QIS held Hwa-yang-yeon-hwa, a celebration party for its 12th year since its foundation. Marking the end in 2011 with Hak-ye-hwoi, QIS held five parties for five years.



Currently, QIS has 70~80 members actively participating in the maintenance of the club, and it is conducting various social/academic activities such as members’ meetings at the beginning/end of semesters, Homecoming Day events, queer film screening, queer theory seminars, Christmas parties, et cetera.


Welcome! (For your inqueries, you can use 'FAQ' section or ask via e-mail.)


Thank you for your interest in QIS, a club for sexual minorities in SNU. Those who want to join the club can send an email to our official email account, queerinsnu@daum.net, with following lists of information.

  • Name, gender identity or sexual orientation, position(college, department, year of entrance or academic year), et cetera
  • Regarding the gender identity or sexual orientation, you are free to write as you wish.
  • You will make an appointment for an offline meeting with the managers for newcomers via e-mail. You will be able to get further information about the club from the managers.


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    Seoul National University,
    Building 63, Room 431
    1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu,
    Seoul 151-742




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